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A Once In a Lifetime Experience
Make a difference in a rural community in East Africa, develop yourself personally and professionally whilst still getting to see the best of the ‘Pearl of Africa’. We warmly invite you to do your medical elective with Uganda Lodge … 😊
What will you do?

During your placement you will have the opportunity to work in both ‘The McNeil Medical Centre’ and ‘Itojo Hospital’ giving you a broad range of experience.

‘The McNeil Medical Centre’ is the village’s health centre and provides low cost healthcare services to the local community and school. Funded by our charity and located across the road from the lodge, the centre offers a broad range of medical services. These include basic primary care, regular disease screening, baby clinic, ongoing vaccination programme amongst others.

‘Itojo Hospital’ is the district government hospital, situated in the nearby town of Itojo, 5 mins drive away. Here you will have the opportunity to work on different specialities, from paediatrics to surgery, have real hands-on practical experience and learn first-hand the medical ways of working in the developing world.

Who are we looking for?
Applications are open to healthcare students and qualified healthcare professionals. This includes doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, opticians, lab technicians. All candidates must speak English and applications are welcomed from any country. If you are in doubt on whether you fit in this description, please reach out on
Your Stay At ‘The Pearl of Africa’

During your time here, you will be staying in our scenic ‘Uganda Lodge’ accommodation in the Ruhanga village, set in the midst of beautiful green rolling hills.

Ruhanga is a peaceful haven where you can experience rural Uganda, get invited into local people’s homes, discover their ways of living and explore the village’s natural landscape through walks and hikes.

During your stay in Ruhanga you will also have the opportunity of doing wildlife safaris, gorilla trekking (Uganda is one of the only places in the world you can do this!), ancient tribe visiting, amongst others. All of these are organized by the lodge at a reduced cost. 100% of the small profits from these trips go directly to funding our community projects.

How am I contributing to the local community?

Some people may have doubts if travelling overseas is a selfish decision. And if their stay will have a tangible impact in the community.

These are all fair questions and thinking of tangible, long-lasting and sustainable impact is our priority since the project’s inception.

Medical elective students bring invaluable knowledge from their studies and experiences in the developing world as well as way of thinking, which builds on the experience of their peers in Uganda, fostering therefore innovative patient care.

As part of our elective package, you will be advised on how to make visiting Uganda ethically sound and culturally attuned based on medical ethics recommendations.

With your visit and through the small fees we also manage to make some profit. 100% of this goes straight into the community to sustain our projects. These are focused on increasing levels of education, access to clean water and free medical care as well as upskilling the community. All of these have as main goal making the community self-sufficient and less dependent as possible of international aid.

We require applicants to provide copies of their educational standards and results – to confirm that they completed senior school and at what level. Together with this we also ask details of any relevant experience such as first aid courses or St Johns ambulance cadets for example, amongst others.
Testimonials from relevant people (fellow teachers and healthcare professionals) will also help secure a placement as we have limited positions.

These are the costs for the full experience, including:

The cost for a fully supported medical elective programme with Uganda Lodge is:



Price Per Day

1 week


£92/ day

2 weeks


£59/ day

3 weeks


£47/ day

4 weeks


£42/ day