Go on safari whilst at Uganda Lodge ...

Uganda Tourism and 4x4 Hire

Uganda Lodge is a great place to stay whilst you work within the local community as a volunteer. But during your stay in Africa we also want to share its ‘pearl’ with you, and, what’s more, our prices reflect the fact that we don’t have any expensive overseas offices to maintain. All of our tours are overseen by knowledgeable locals so you see Africa as it should be seen.

Our routes are flexible and you can be assured that you will be seeing exactly what YOU want to see in the real Uganda. If you decide to linger awhile or hurry past what you had planned  then that is not a problem. If you have 10 days or longer, then with a vehicle hire you can see quite a large part of Uganda including:

Jinja, Lake Mburo, Murchison Falls, Fort Portal, Bwindi and the mountain gorillas as well as Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Bunyoni (above).

We can organise half or full day trips to explore the area around Uganda Lodge such as large country markets, lakes for boating and swimming, hot springs and remote mountain villages. Vehicle costs will vary please discuss this with Denis in the first instance. You should take into account vehicle maintenance costs and not try to bargain a very low price with private local taxi drivers that are not known to the staff.

A cheap and easy weekend trip away from Ruhanga is to get on a bus to Kabale and then go and stay at Lake Bunyonyi for a night. A few volunteers who have stayed for several weeks have gone across to Rwanda for a few days; a long-distance bus passes our gates each day. An overnight safari to Lake Mburo National Park is another option

Village walks can be taken with our Director Denis, or one of our other staff as your guide – we suggest £2 each for a few hours of their time is a guideline on what to give. The scenery around the lodge is beautiful. Some village families are offering an ‘Authentic Ugandan Meal’ experience to volunteers to supplement their income. Others are making handicraft items to sell., and are willing to give lessons to our visitors.


The cost of a fully inclusive 3-day safari from the Lodge to Queen Elizabeth Park is £295 per person with a minimum of four sharing. This includes a boat trip, 4x4 vehicle hire, fuel, park fees, drivers expenses, camping fees and all meals and this can be organised with Denis once you arrive at the project. These prices are fixed to ensure that all costs including vehicle maintenance are covered, and you can be certain that the small profit stays within our project. Once you have booked your place at Uganda Lodge you can also pre-pay for the safari to our UK bank account although this is not mandatory.

Some volunteers have organised a different or longer safari with Denis to Murchison Falls and the Rhino reserve. If several of you join together it can work out relatively  inexpensive as you all share the cost the vehicle, fuel and drivers expenses. We do not advise that you go on a safari into the National Parks without a 4x4 vehicle and an experienced driver and you are strongly advised to discuss all safaris with Denis himself.

Gorilla Permits

We can often obtain a gorilla trekking permit for you by request PRIOR TO YOUR STAY but you should pay for each permit into our Uganda Lodge UK bank account before you leave the UK and we need your passport number.

From Uganda Lodge we will keep costs as low as possible; it will cost around £700 in total from the Lodge for your permit, transport, food and overnight accommodation if there is only one of you or about £600 each if are two of you on any one day.

As any profit from the Lodge and safaris goes towards school maintenance and improvements we do not give refunds on days spent away on trips and safaris during your volunteering period.