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Uganda Charity

Uganda Lodge is situated in the heart of Ruhanga village in south-west Uganda and strives to develop community projects such as providing running water access points and education to an impoverished local population. Every penny that is donated to the Uganda Lodge Community Project is used in Africa to make a real difference to the local villagers. The Lodge is entirely self-funded, and we have many new projects that are waiting for the initial funding to get them started. Any monies that you are able to donate go 100% straight to Uganda and are used on the ground to have a maximum effect. Please use the button below to make your donation now by card or Paypal, or explore some of our current projects requiring funding below. Many thanks for your generous support

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Every little helps, you can either visit our BT Donate page to give nowor  sponsor one of our children with a standing order of just £5 a month.
We raise funds to promote the wellbeing of children and the wider community of Ruhanga in south-west Uganda and are currently in need of £15,000 to build two new classrooms for the children and school. Why not make your own contribution today and change lives?